Lala-Land was formed in 2008 by a group of Singaporeans students in Brisbane to provide entertainment to fellow Singaporeans. Working with Radio 4EB FM98.1, Lala-Land broadcasts its programmes through radio frequency 98.1FM and online internet streaming.Since 2010, our listeners consists not only Singaporeans but also Malaysians, Hong Kongers, Chinese, and Taiwanese. Both local and overseas audiences can listen on local radio and online streams.Lala-Land hosts two main mandarin programmes – SingParty and La Kopi. SingParty covers news, current affairs, events, food and entertainment. La Kopi is a chit chat and discussion programme on general and specific topics. These programmes are the only Singish/Malgish Mandarin Radio Programme in Australia. From 2012, Lala-Land will work with local businesses to provide more interactive and exciting contents to entertainment its audience. Also working closely with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Singapore Students Associations, Lala-Land will be bringing more news, events and special interviews to our listeners.

In 2014, Lala-land replaced a new logo banner to replace the 1st generation logo and banner since 2008. The new logo banner consists of music notes, each accompanied by the Singapore Crescent and the Five Stars, with details of the broadcasting day and time on the right side. This change reflects a fresh new generation of deejays, crew and volunteers in Lala-land.

As of 2015, Lala-Land together with several Singapore Students Associations and Societies celebrate SG50, wishing Singapore the very best and a prosperous future.

Lala-Land is a non-profit organisation and thank you for your interests and support.

啦啦世界成立于2008年,由一组在布里斯班的新加坡学生开始提供广播娱乐给其他来自新加坡的民众。 和4EB电台FM98.1合作之下,啦啦世界便可以透过无线电频率98.1FM和网络,把娱乐带给所有的民众。


啦啦世界主要有两个广播节目- Sing派对 和La Kopi。Sing派对包含了新闻,时事,庆祝节日信息,食品和娱乐等.La Kopi是一个聊天讨论的节目。啦啦世界是唯一在澳洲的新马华语广播电台。


在2014年, 啦啦世界更换了一个新标志,取代了2008年第一代的标志. 这新标志包括了音符, 每个音符都配有新加坡的新月和五个星,而右旁放着啦啦世界广播时间。这新的改变意味着新一代的组员和志愿者带领啦啦世界到新世纪。


啦啦世界是一个非营利组织, 在此感谢您的兴趣和支持